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What Is The Effect Of Diamond Surface Coating On The Performance Of Diamond Tools

April 23,2023

In diamond tools made of Fe, Cu, Co, Ni and other binders, diamond particles can only be mechanically embedded in the binder matrix because the covalent bond bonded diamond crystals have no chemical affinity with the above binders and the interface is not wet. Under the action of grinding force, before the diamond abrasive particles are exposed to the maximum cross-section, the matrix metal loses its grip on the diamond particles and falls off on its own, reducing the service life and processing efficiency of diamond tools, and the grinding effect of diamonds cannot be fully utilized. Therefore, the metallization characteristics of diamond surfaces can effectively improve the service life and processing efficiency of diamond tools. Its essence is to directly coat bonding elements such as Ti or its alloy on the surface of diamond, and form a uniform chemical bond bonding layer on the surface of diamond through heating treatment.

During the hot pressing solid phase sintering or cold pressing liquid phase sintering process of diamond tool manufacturing, the coating reacts with diamond to form a chemical bond and metallize the diamond surface through the coating treated diamond abrasive particles. On the other hand, the metallized diamond surface can smoothly achieve metallurgical bonding between metals with the metal matrix binder. Therefore, the coated diamond has a wide range of applicability for cold pressing liquid phase sintering and hot pressing solid phase sintering. This improves the consolidation force of the matrix alloy on diamond abrasive particles, reduces the detachment of abrasive particles during the use of diamond tools, and thus improves the service life and efficiency of diamond tools.

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