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What Are The Main Functions Of Diamond Plating Treatment?

April 23,2023

1. Improve the embedding ability of the matrix to diamonds. Due to thermal expansion, considerable thermal stress is generated in the contact zone between diamond and matrix, which will cause micro lines in the contact zone between diamond and matrix, thus reducing the ability of matrix to embed diamond. The coating of diamond surface can improve the physical and chemical properties of the interface between diamond and matrix. Through energy spectrum analysis, it is confirmed that the metal carbide composition in the film gradually transits to metal elements from the inside to the outside, called MeC Me film. The combination of diamond surface and film depends on chemical bond, and only this combination can improve the bonding ability of diamond, or improve the embedding ability of matrix to diamond. That is to say, the coating acts as a bonding bridge between the two.

2. Improve diamond strength. Due to the presence of internal defects such as microcracks and small voids in diamond crystals, these internal defects in the crystal are compensated for by filling with MeC-Me films during the coating process. The coating plays a reinforcing and toughening role, while the buffering effect caused by the thickness of the coating in chemical plating and electroplating improves the strength of the low, medium, and high series products.

3. Slow down thermal shock. The metal coating conducts heat slower than diamond abrasive, and the grinding heat is buffered by the coating before being transmitted to the resin bond at the contact with the abrasive particles, preventing it from being burned out by instantaneous high-temperature impact, thereby maintaining its grip on diamond abrasive.

4. Isolation protection function. During high-temperature sintering and grinding, the coating provides isolation and protection for diamonds, preventing graphitization, oxidation, or other chemical changes.

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