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Sandcloth And Sandpaper Each Have Their Own Advantages

April 23,2023

Sandcloth and sandpaper each have their own advantages:

1. The advantages of sandcloth are durability, difficulty in shedding sand, and the ability to fold back and forth without breaking; The disadvantage is that the price is relatively higher, it is not easy to buy, and the particle size is relatively large.
2. The advantage of sandpaper is that it is relatively cheap, has more types and models, and is finely polished; The disadvantage is that compared to sandcloth, it is not as durable and is prone to sand shedding.
Sandcloth and sandpaper each have their own advantages and disadvantages, and we can choose based on the material of the workpiece and polishing needs. It is usually recommended to use sandcloth for coarse grinding and sandpaper for fine grinding.

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(3) micron-powder.
(4) CBN.
(5) CBN-micron-powder.

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