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October 26,2023

Location: Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Centre (ZZICEC)- 1 Nei Huan Road, Central Business District, Zhengdong New District, Zhengzhou, China

Date: September, 20,2023-September ,22,2023

Website:  www.abrasivesexpo.com


6th China (Zhengzhou) International Abrasives & Grinding Exposition (A&G Expo)

6th China (Zhengzhou) International Abrasives & Grinding Exposition (A&G Expo) is recognized as the only international grinding technology exposition with globally renowned popularity, featuring abrasives and abrasives products, super hard materials and products. A&G Expo provides solutions for abrasive & grinding with the latest technologies and products covering the entire industry chain.

The A&G Expo attracted more than 300 exhibitors from nine countries and the exhibit area was 20,000 square meters, with approximately ten thousand professional visitors from twenty-four countries and regions all over the world. During the period, eight major series of activities and nearly one hundred reports were held.

Under the background of continuous innovation of abrasives product, rapid development of abrasives technology and high growth of market capacity, the enterprises urgently need a platform for revealing the latest technical achievements, publicizing and popularizing their products, and extending exchanges and cooperation.
The international professional exposition with theme of abrasives and grinding technology is expected by the modern manufacturing.

Product Categories

1. Abrasives Products and Auxiliary Materials

(1) Superhard Materials and Related Products: synthetic diamond,  cubic boron nitride and micro powder, PDC, PCD, PCBN, CVD diamond and various kinds of related products for cutting, drilling, grinding and polishing, etc.
(2) Conventional Abrasives and Related Products: fused alumina, silicon carbide, boron carbide, bonded abrasives, refractory materials, etc.
(3) Coated Abrasives: sanding belts, sanding discs, sanding sheets and various kinds of abnormal-shaped coated abrasives, etc.
(4) Auxiliary Materials: raw materials, molds, all kinds of binders, metal powder, adhesives, matrix, etc.

2. Various kinds of special equipment and detecting instruments for abrasives & grinding

Synthetic diamond press machine, sorting machine, screening machine, magnetic separator, shaking table, mixing machine, forming machine, hot press, cold press machine, sintering furnace, welding machine, laser cutting machine, corundum and silicon carbide furnaces, crushing and milling machines, firing and hardened equipment, grinding wheel processing equipment, emery cloth manufacturing equipment and all kinds of testing equipment and instruments for abrasives & grinding, etc.

3. Related Equipment and Tools for Abrasives & Grinding

Grinding machine, grinding center, electronic processing equipment, lapping machine, polishing machine, honing machine, grinding robot and all kinds of accessories and related auxiliary materials and products, etc.; Metal forming machine tools, metal cutting and welding equipment, CNC system and functional components, industrial automation, machine tool accessories, and components; All kinds of tools, cutting tools, measuring tools, etc.

4. Related Institutions for Abrasives & Grinding

Relevant scientific research, colleges and universities, media, industry associations, detection institutions, and industry bases and so on.

Changsha Hengfeng Superhard Materials Co., Ltd., as one of the main manufacturers of synthetic diamond powder, has an exhibition area of over 20 square meters and attracted many visitors on the first day of the exhibition. The booth number is A26.


Changsha Hengfeng Superhard Materials Co., Ltd. was established in 2008 and began in 1997. It is a professional enterprise engaged in the production and research and development of synthetic diamond powder,mono crystalline diamond, crushed diamond powder,  diamond micro powders and CBN powder.

The company adheres to the people-oriented principle and adheres to the business philosophy of "integrity, truth seeking, pragmatism, and innovation". It implements a branding and differentiation development strategy, develops personalized products, meets customers' individual needs, and creates value for them.

Changsha Hengfeng Superhard Materials Co., Ltd. has a strong professional technical team and selected testing technology, strictly controlling the production process and producing in accordance with national standards. The factory currently produces about 600 million carats of diamond mono crystalline , RVD crushed diamond powder, and diamond micro powders annually.

You can visit the homepage to learn more details:  www.hf-abrasives.com