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Hengfeng Is Moving Towards “Three Highs And One Low” In Sophisticated Diamond Wire Technology

August 21,2023

As many countries around the world have successively proposed “zero carbon” and “carbon neutral” climate goals, renewable energy has become a global focus topic. As an important renewable energy, photovoltaics are expected to achieve global average annual growth during 2021-2025.

The installed capacity exceeds 220GW.

The rapid development of the photovoltaic industry has also driven the market demand for upstream raw material silicon wafers. From 2011 to 2021, the compound annual growth rates of global and Chinese silicon wafer production will reach 20.53% and 27.50%, respectively, and silicon wafer production will grow rapidly. As an important tool for cutting silicon wafers, the diamond wire market is also expanding, and technology has become a key competitive factor for products.

Changsha Hengfeng Superhard Materials Co.,Ltd.(referred as “Hengfeng”) has been engaged in the business of electroplating diamond wire products since its establishment, and is committed to creating diamond wire products that meet the development trend of downstream photovoltaic silicon wafer cutting applications. major players in the online industry. The diamond wire is mainly used in the field of photovoltaic silicon wafer cutting, and the cutting of the silicon wafer is realized through the mutual friction between the diamond wire and the silicon wafer. As the requirements for diamond wire technology are increasing, and under the bottleneck of carbon steel wire thinning, Jucheng Technology is continuing to improve the preparation technology of electroplated diamond products, exploring the iterative replacement of tungsten wire, and moving towards “three highs and one low” (high production rate) , high quality, high speed, low wire consumption) forward.

In terms of core technology research and development, Hengfeng has established a research and development and technology development team with rich industry experience. At present, the company has mastered various core technologies such as diamond pretreatment technology, micro-powder composite technology, diamond wire PLC automatic process control technology, plating solution optimization treatment technology, high-efficiency sanding technology, tungsten wire product technology, etc., and gradually created a The core technology system covering the whole process of diamond wire production. Through independent research and development, the company has broken through a number of core technologies, which has played a boosting role in the improvement of the production process of electroplated diamond wire products and the improvement of product performance.

For the needs of technical about downstream industries, the diamond wire industry technology is gradually moving towards “three highs and one low”. In this regard, Hengfeng is responding to the future industry development trend through its own comprehensive technical system: tungsten wire technology can effectively reduce the diameter of diamond wire, making products gain advantages in the development process of thinner wires; diamond wire micro-powder composite technology can realize product High yield rate; diamond pretreatment technology helps the low wire consumption cutting process. Hengfeng provides customers with better products and services by promoting the thinning of diamond wire products, improving product uniformity and slicing yield, and meeting the needs of downstream silicon wafer manufacturers to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

In 2021, Hengfeng began to develop diamond products with tungsten wire as the busbar, and gradually promoted the process of large-scale production and sales. Compared with carbon steel wire, tungsten wire products have the characteristics of high strength, wear resistance, good machinability, and good fatigue resistance, which can make up for the defect of carbon steel wire’s strength decrease in the process of further thinning. In 2022, compared with other companies in the same industry, Hengfeng realized the large-scale promotion of tungsten wire earlier, and established good cooperative relations with downstream enterprises such as Tcl Zhonghuan Renewable Energy Technology Co.,Ltd.;GCL Group;Ja Solar Technology Co., Ltd.;Beijing Jingyuntong Technology Co.,Ltd. etc, and its products won the industry It has been recognized by many well-known domestic photovoltaic module and silicon wafer manufacturers. During the reporting period, Hengfeng’s market share remained stable; compared with comparable companies in the same industry, the sales volume of the company’s diamond wire products ranked among the top three in the industry, with a solid market position.

From 2020 to 2022, the sales volume of Hengfeng Diamond Wire will be 9.7413 million kilometers, 11.8577 million kilometers and 21.4114 million kilometers respectively, with a compound growth rate of 48.26% for product sales. At the same time, the operating income reached 473,591,900 yuan, 477,910,700 yuan, and 1,227,008,000 yuan respectively, with a compound growth rate of 60.96%. In 2022, Hengfeng will realize mass production and sales of tungsten wire products with a higher unit price, and the market demand for tungsten wire will grow rapidly, driving the company’s operating income to increase significantly. On the whole, the growth of Hengfeng is obvious.

With the continuous advancement of the “Carbon Peak” action plan and the continuous growth of market demand in the photovoltaic industry, the diamond wire production industry will also face growing market demand. Enterprises in the industry will also usher in a situation of intensified competition. How to continuously improve their own technical level and further improve their product performance depends on how Hengfeng submits its answer sheet.