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Find Out The Difference Between Gauze And Sandpaper In 30 Seconds

April 23,2023

When purchasing sandpaper, you may see sandcloth, which looks similar to sandpaper and is also used for polishing and processing. However, there are certain differences between these two polishing tools, mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. Different substrates

Sandpaper is a type of adhesive used to bond abrasives onto paper substrates, such as kraft paper, latex paper, water resistant paper, etc; Sandcloth, on the other hand, adheres abrasive to a cloth based substrate.

2. Different application ranges

Sandcloth is mainly used for rough machining of metal and wood, mainly processed into sand belts for use with sand belt machines; Sandpaper is mainly used for medium grinding and fine polishing of metals, woodwork, paint surfaces, and composite materials. It is suitable for various forms such as handheld sheet type, velvet backed adhesive disc sand, sandpaper tape, etc.

3. Different particle sizes

By comparison, the abrasive particle size of sandpaper is finer, resulting in a more delicate polishing effect; The abrasive particle size of sandcloth is relatively coarse, and the polishing effect is relatively rough. However, the polishing speed and efficiency are fast, but the polishing accuracy is relatively not as high.

4. Different prices

For products of the same specification and model, the price of regular sandpaper is usually cheaper than sandcloth, but the price of high-end sandpaper is much more expensive than sandcloth. It is also common to buy sandpaper in hardware store, and there are relatively few sandcloth.

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