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Fight against liver diseases and be a companion with diamonds! This Spring Festival, Zhengzhou University's scientific research is non-stop!

March 12,2024

The "Spring Festival" is a warm moment for thousands of lights and family reunions.

However, when thousands of households are tasting the taste of the New Year, there is such a group of scientific researchers on the campus of Zhengzhou University who choose to stick to their posts, race against time in the laboratory, and go all out to protect the health of the people.


"There is not much difference between the Spring Festival and normal times, because there is no 'holiday' for illness, and we medical workers are also racing against time. Yu Zujiang, vice president of the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University and director of the hospital's genetic testing center, said.

I rushed to the hospital at 7 o'clock in the morning, first went to the clinical front line to check, and then went into the laboratory to discuss the progress of the experiment with my colleagues...... When the day's work plan is completed, there are thousands of lights outside the window. This is Yu Zujiang's daily routine during the Spring Festival holiday.

During the Spring Festival holiday, under his leadership, the team was on duty here every day. They gave up the time of reunion with their families, stuck to their posts, cared for the lives and health of the people, and guarded the "health and happiness" of countless families with the "dedication" of medical staff.


As an expert in the field of infectious diseases, Yu Zujiang has been "fighting" liver diseases for 20 years. Previously, he led the team to devote nearly 10 years of research to discover a drug called trimetazidine, which can be a new target drug for the treatment of liver diseases, and successfully completed the patent transformation, with a transfer amount of 2.34 million US dollars. At present, the new clinical indication of trimetazidine for the treatment of acute-on-chronic liver failure has applied for an international invention patent, and has obtained the "orphan drug" (rare drug) qualification certification from the US FDA.


"The experiments that are currently underway in our laboratory are to find more new drugs for cancer patients. Yu Zujiang said that although these experiments need to go through countless "trial and error" and may not break through for a long time, as long as there is a glimmer of hope, they will go all out and explore without stopping.

Just after the Spring Festival, the office of the Key Laboratory of Physical Materials of the Ministry of Education of Zhengzhou University was also "hot". Vice President Shan Chongxin started the "work mode" as early as the third day of the Lunar New Year, and half of the members of the diamond optoelectronic materials and devices team led by him have successively "returned to their places".


In fact, for many years, Shan Chongxin and his team members have almost no concept of weekends and holidays, and they have been with diamond all day long, taking the laboratory as their home, taking root in the field of diamond optoelectronic materials and devices, and devoting themselves to scientific research and tirelessly.

The microwave-free excitation Rabi oscillation of the nitrogen vacancy color center in diamond was predicted, and it was confirmed by international peer experiments that high-grade diamonds and high-purity diamond Raman crystals were synthesized, and 2-inch optical-grade diamond crystals were developed...... It is precisely because of unremitting research that in just a few years, the team has made a series of blockbuster innovation breakthroughs, making Henan diamond "shine in the world".


Shan Chongxin was invited to participate in the CCTV program "China Economic Lecture Hall"

The attachment to his hometown, the reluctance to give up his homeland, and the desire to do something for his hometown are also the original intentions of Shan Chongxin when he chose to return to Henan 9 years ago. "Nowadays, Henan attaches more importance to scientific and technological innovation than ever before, and has built a platform for scientific research workers to start a business. Shan Chongxin said.

At present, Shan Chongxin's team aims at the forefront of the development of diamond materials and devices in China, focuses on the key scientific issues of high-quality diamond synthesis and application, and climbs to a higher scientific peak. "It is our direction and goal to break through the technical bottleneck of diamond application in semiconductor, electrical, optical, thermal, quantum sensing and other fields. Shan Chongxin said.


Time flies, there are always some people who do not seek fame and fortune, but seek a heart to serve the country; the road is long, there are always some people who are not afraid of difficulties and always stand bravely at the forefront of the times. Yu Zujiang and Shan Chongxin are just the epitome of countless Zheng people who are struggling in the front line of scientific research, and the story of the two of them has also been reported by Henan Daily recently. It is precisely because they have always maintained their original intentions and continued to run on the road of pursuing scientific and technological innovation that a large number of achievements have been able to emerge on campus.

In 2023, Zhengzhou University won 47 Henan Provincial Science and Technology Awards as the first unit, including 9 first prizes, 26 second prizes, and 12 third prizes. The total number of awards and the number of first prize awards have broken the school record and achieved the best results in the past years.

At the 2023 Annual Summary Meeting of the Operational Research Society of China held in Beijing, Professor Zheng Dayuan Jinjiang was awarded the honorary title of "The Most Beautiful Scientific and Technological Worker" of the Operational Research Society of China, and Academician Chang Junbiao and Professor Zang Shuangquan were successfully elected as Fellows of the New Fellowship of the Chinese Chemical Society...... They chase the lofty dream of science and technology with an ordinary attitude, and strive to hand over a brilliant answer sheet worthy of the times and the people.


People are diligent and spring comes early, and it is time to forge ahead. The winter vacation is coming to an end, and a large number of scientific research workers have returned to the campus of Zhengzhou University one after another to continue their work enthusiastically. In the new year, they will lead the team to produce more results and make greater contributions to promoting the construction of the "Double First-Class" of the university and serving the national strategy and regional economic development.