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Drying Of Diamond Micropowder

June 14,2023

After the preparation of

diamond powder, it undergoes steps such as impurity removal and sorting, and there is still water inside. Excessive water can easily cause diamond powder to condense and affect its use. Choosing a scientific, fast, and economical drying method is an important guarantee for ultimately obtaining high-quality micro powders. After rinsing and cleaning the refined diamond powder, it can enter the final drying process of powder production.

1. The most common problems during the drying process

(1) Cross contamination of products with different specifications;

(2) Secondary pollution caused by drying equipment, utensils, and the environment;

(3) The high temperature drying of fine-grained products results in hardening, hard agglomeration, and reduced dispersibility.

2. Equipment suitable for drying diamond powder

(1) Direct heating drying equipment includes industrial electric furnaces or electric heating plates, and industrial induction furnaces;

(2) Indirect heating drying equipment includes controllable temperature electric drying oven, steam drying oven, industrial microwave oven, etc;

The equipment for drying diamond powder can be flexibly selected according to different product characteristics and drying requirements.

▲ Diamond dedicated microwave drying equipment

3. Advantages and disadvantages of various drying equipment

Domestic micro powder enterprises generally use industrial electric furnaces, electric heating plates, industrial induction furnaces, and other direct heating methods for the diamond micro powder drying process, which has the advantages of high efficiency and low equipment investment. However, during the drying process, the local temperature is too high and the overall heating is uneven, especially in the parts close to the heating source of the drying equipment, which can easily cause hard agglomeration of fine-grained products due to local high temperatures. At the same time, there is a possibility of chemical reaction with the drying container to introduce secondary pollution.

Equipment such as controllable temperature electric ovens, steam drying ovens, and industrial microwave ovens that use indirect heating for diamond powder drying avoid secondary pollution caused by high-temperature drying and hard agglomeration of fine-grained products. However, the enclosed heating method brings problems to equipment cleaning, and incomplete cleaning can easily cause pollution of oversized particles.

Generally speaking, selecting direct heating based on the characteristics of coarse-grained products can give full play to their advantages of high drying efficiency. During operation, attention should be paid to selecting appropriate containers to avoid possible secondary pollution.

The use of indirect heating combined with the centrifugal dehydration process before drying can effectively improve the problem of high temperature hard agglomeration and reduced decomposition of fine-grained products.

4. Several drying equipment

At present, some equipment for drying diamond micropowder has been found, such as a diamond micropowder drying oven. By setting an inclined installation block, the diamond micropowder can slide off and cooperate with a hot air fan to preliminarily dry the fallen diamond micropowder. The fallen diamond micropowder contacts the heating plate and baffle components, and the rotating blades push some of the diamond micropowder to one side of the heating plate, Make all diamond powder come into contact with the heat in the air, thereby reducing the time required for drying, and the diamond powder does not harden during the drying process.

Technical personnel have also announced a cleaning and drying integrated box for diamond powder production. The drying and cleaning integrated box is equipped with heating pipes, leakage pipes, sealing barrels, inlet pipes, filtering barrels, and other devices inside. The cleaning and drying device used for the production of diamond micro powder impacts the filter barrel through devices such as vibration blocks, vibration grooves, and reset springs, causing a certain vibration of the filter barrel. The diamond micro powder is flipped and dispersed, thereby preventing the occurrence of some diamond micro powder drying machines only drying the surface of the diamond micro powder, while the diamond micro powder at the bottom is still in a wet, uneven, and agglomerated state, This ensures that the diamond powder remains powdery after cleaning and drying, thereby ensuring the effectiveness of drying the diamond powder.

The step of drying diamond powder may not seem to have much technical content, but in order to efficiently process the powder, technicians have also designed many small devices that contain skills. You can pay attention to and learn from them.