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Diamond Powder Production Equipment And Particle Size Classification Process

December 26,2022

The method of crushing diamond with ball mill has been used for many years in China, and various manufacturers have also accumulated rich experience. However, compared with the air flow pulverizing method, the production efficiency of this method is lower, so it has been gradually replaced by the air flow pulverizing method.

Different from the crushing processing method of ball mill, the air flow mill uses compressed air as the medium, and the compressed air sprays into the crushing chamber through the supersonic nozzle. Driven by the air flow, the materials run at high speed, collide, and then complete the crushing. The huge kinetic energy of supersonic jet mill can produce micron and submicron ultrafine powder.

Strength grading technology of diamond powder

After the production of diamond powder is completed, particle size classification is required. The most commonly used classification method in China is the combination of natural sedimentation method and centrifugal method. The method has high production efficiency and good quality.

Under the same specific gravity, diamond particles with different diameters have different sedimentation rates in water. The natural sedimentation method is based on this principle, controlling the sedimentation height and sedimentation time to classify the particle size. The equipment of the method is simple, the operation is easy, and the product quality is stable. However, it also has shortcomings, mainly reflected in the long production cycle and low labor efficiency. In view of this, some domestic and foreign manufacturers have developed automatic classification equipment.

The automatic classification equipment adopts computer technology and frequency conversion control technology, supplemented by four systems, including automatic mixing, automatic material extraction, automatic water circulation and computer control. Unlike manual operation, the automatic classification equipment is fully digital designed. It is not only accurate in control, energy saving and power saving, but also efficient. Compared with manual sorting, the efficiency is 10-20 times higher. Moreover, the separation accuracy is accurate, the speed is fast, there is no impurity pollution, and the product quality is more stable.

No longer interfered by human factors, the labor intensity is reduced, and the labor cost is reduced. Moreover, the one-time feeding amount is large. This equipment is in line with the future development direction of the micro powder industry.

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