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Diamond Cutting Wheel

December 26,2022

Diamond cutting wheel is widely used in the processing of hard and brittle materials such as optical glass and engineering ceramics because of its excellent performance. Diamond cutting wheel is mainly composed of diamond and bond. The particle size, concentration and strength of diamond have important influence on cutting performance, such as cutting speed, cutting chipping and grinding wheel life. At present, there is a lack of in-depth research on the relationship between diamond factors and the cutting performance of grinding wheels. The development process of grinding wheels is often based on experience, with a certain degree of randomness and one-sided.

(1) The influence of diamond particle size on cutting speed and chipping
The maximum cutting speed increases first and then decreases with the increase of diamond particle size; When the particle size of diamond is 7-14 μ When m, the filter cutting wheel has the maximum cutting speed of 10mm/s.
The particle size is less than 20 μ The grinding wheel made of diamond of m can meet the requirements of the filter cutting.

(2) Influence of diamond grain size on the life of grinding wheel
The life of grinding wheel can be improved to a certain extent by increasing the particle size and concentration of diamond and using high-strength diamond.  

(3) Influence of diamond concentration on cutting crack, life and cutting speed
In order to ensure the cutting ability of the grinding wheel, the diamond concentration in the grinding wheel cannot be too low. However, if the concentration is too high, the cutting wheel will be difficult to discharge chips, the cutting resistance will increase, the ultra-thin grinding wheel and the workpiece will vibrate under force, and the glass chipping will increase. The experimental results show that the reasonable diamond concentration range is 35%~50%.
The reasonable diamond concentration range of the cutting wheel is 35%~50%, and too high diamond concentration will lead to the increase of the cutting crack of the filter.  
Increasing the concentration of diamond can improve the service life of grinding wheel to a certain extent. Due to the extremely high hardness and wear resistance of diamond, the increase in the number of diamonds involved in cutting will improve the service life of the grinding wheel to a certain extent.
50% diamond concentration has the best comprehensive effect on the influence of the concentration on the filter cutting crack, cutting speed and the life of the grinding wheel.
(4) Influence of diamond strength on the life of grinding wheel
High strength diamond grinding wheels have lower wear value. Because the diamond used in them has higher strength, better impact resistance and thermal stability, the grinding wheels are relatively durable.

To sum up, high strength diamond is used with diamond grain size of 7-14 μ m. When the concentration is 50%, the filter cutting wheel has the comprehensive optimal cutting performance

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