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Development Trends And Challenges Of Diamond Wire

May 08,2023

Diamond wire is made by uniformly consolidating diamond powder particles with a certain distribution density onto the busbar (usually high carbon steel wire), and high-speed grinding motion is carried out between the diamond wire and the cut object to achieve the cutting purpose. There are generally two manufacturing methods for diamond wire, namely the cutting line formed by fixing diamond particles onto the wire through electroplating and resin, strictly speaking, it is called diamond cutting line, abbreviated as diamond wire. Diamond wire has micro serrations of diamond, which increases the cutting ability of steel wire and can greatly accelerate the cutting speed and ability.

Diamond wire is mainly used in the photovoltaic industry

The current mainstream process is electroplating diamond wire, which is a layer of diamond powder coated on metal wires to cut hard and brittle materials such as photovoltaic silicon, crystal, magnetic materials, sapphire, etc. In recent years, diamond wire cutting technology has played an important role in the cutting industry, and its application range is also extremely wide. It is mainly used in the current hot photovoltaic field, such as in the silicon wafer manufacturing process, for silicon rod cutting, silicon wafer cutting section. The demand for diamond wire cutting on silicon wafers accounts for over 90% of the total demand.

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