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China's first 10000 meter deep well has broken through 9900 meters, and domestically produced diamond drill bits have become rock breaking tools

February 27,2024

According to CCTV news, on February 15, China's first 10,000-meter-deep well, Shendi Taco 1 well, successfully broke through the 9,900-meter mark after continuous drilling, which is one step closer to drilling through the oil and gas caprock and exploring the treasure house of underground oil and gas resources.

Well Deep-Taco 1 is an important project in the field of petroleum exploration in China

Which aims to explore the abundant oil and gas resources that may exist in the deep underground layer. The oil and gas caprock is a key formation for storing oil and gas, and the breakthrough of this drilling marks that China has made important progress in the search for oil and gas resources.


It is understood that this set of oil and gas caprocks is hard and soft at the bottom, and the lithology changes frequently, making it extremely difficult to drill. In order to overcome this problem, the technicians established a lithologic combination model through the comparison of macro and micro strata,  and accurately selected drilling tools such as drill bits. After more than 10 days of hard work, we are finally about to drill through this set of formations covering oil and gas, and begin to drill to the formations that may be rich in oil and gas, laying a solid foundation for the next oil and gas exploration.

It is worth mentioning that the diamond bits used in the drilling of 10,000 meters of deep wells are all independently developed by China. These diamond drill bits are not only wear-resistant, but also have good toughness and impact resistance, and can withstand pressures of up to 80,000 atmospheres, which is equivalent to the pressure generated by eight 10-ton elephants standing on a fingernail cover.


As the drilling depth increases, the rock in the ground becomes harder and harder, and the wear and tear on the drill bit becomes more and more severe. However, with its excellent performance, the domestic diamond drill bit has successfully coped with these challenges and has become an artifact of 10,000 meters of rock breaking.


At present, the frequency of underground rock analysis and testing has been encrypted on the well, so as to adjust the drilling parameters in time according to the rock information and ensure the safe and stable drilling of the well in the 10,000-meter formation. At present, the well has been drilled to 9,920 meters, and the drilling depth is about to exceed the 10,000-meter mark.


The drilling results of the deep Taco 1 well prove the advanced nature of China's petroleum exploration technology, and also demonstrate the excellent performance of China's self-developed diamond drill bit in ultra-deep formation drilling. With the deepening of the drilling work, the mystery of the treasure trove of underground oil and gas resources is about to be revealed, and the rich oil and gas resources stored underground are waiting for us to explore.