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Application Of Polycrystalline Diamond Compact

September 12,2023

In the past ten years, my country and some industrially developed countries have paid special attention to the production and application of diamond polycrystalline composite sheets.  And competing to develop and produce, with many varieties and specifications, and gradually popularized and applied at home and abroad, all because of its excellent performance.

1. High Hardness And Wear Resistance

The hardness is as high as HV7500-9000, second only to diamond, much higher than cemented carbide and engineering ceramics, and the hardness and wear resistance are consistent in all directions, no need to choose direction. Its strength is supported by cemented carbide with high toughness, so the composite bending strength can reach 1500Mpa.

The wear resistance is generally 60-80 times that of cemented carbide, and the durability is very high when cutting non-metallic materials with high hardness.

2. Low coefficient of friction

The coefficient of friction between polycrystalline diamond and some non-ferrous metals is lower than that of other materials, about 1/2 of that of cemented carbide. The low friction coefficient reduces the cutting force and deformation, does not produce chipping during cutting, and reduces the roughness of the processed surface.

3. High Thermal Conductivity

The thermal conductivity of polycrystalline diamond is very high, which is much higher than that of silver, copper and general cemented carbide. Therefore, the cutting heat is easily dissipated during the cutting process, so the cutting temperature is lower, which can improve the durability of the tool.

4. High Processing Precision

Since polycrystalline diamond has a low coefficient of thermal expansion and a high modulus of elasticity, and the tool is not easily deformed during the cutting process, the tool can maintain its original parameters under the action of cutting force, keep sharp for a long time, and have high cutting accuracy. Therefore, when using a diamond composite tool for machining, the machining accuracy is high and a good machined surface can be obtained.

With the development of science and technology, the technical level of my country's production of polycrystalline diamond materials has been greatly improved, and its products have formed a certain scale of production and application. Polycrystalline diamond has become a tool for manufacturing cutting tools, drilling bits and other wear-resistant tools. The ideal material, its main application in the following aspects:

4.1. Polycrystalline diamond compact cutting tool

In metal cutting technology, improving cutting tool materials has more potential to improve cutting efficiency and reduce cutting cost than any other process changes. Therefore, in order to continuously improve production efficiency, reduce costs and enhance product competitiveness, all industrialized countries are in Vigorously carry out the research and development of new cutting tool materials. Driven by this understanding, foreign new tool materials, new high-efficiency tool products and new tool manufacturing processes are constantly emerging.

At present, the variety of superhard material cutting tools is increasing, not only turning tools, boring tools, reamers, milling cutters, forming tools, but also tools used to manufacture some gears, while the output is also increasing. With the rapid development of automobile manufacturing and woodworking markets, the increasing popularity of CNC machine tools, machining centers and automatic production lines, the production and application of PDC superhard cutting tools have also grown rapidly, and various PDC blades are used more and more. The durability of the tool is dozens of times higher than that of the carbide tool, and the cost of the tool during processing is much lower than that of the carbide.


4.2. Polycrystalline diamond compact drill bit

Using diamond composite sheet as the blade of the drill bit can greatly improve the working efficiency of the drill bit. It is an ideal drill bit material for drilling into medium-hard and hard rock formations. Compared with other drill bits, the PDC bit has the characteristics of high efficiency, simplicity, and durability, and has a long service life. , under the same conditions, the service life is 10-30 times that of cemented carbide drill bits. During the drilling process, it can significantly reduce the number of drill lifts and improve efficiency. Moreover, the diamond composite drill bit has a wide range of lithology, which has played a role in improving my country's oil drilling technology level. important role.

pic-2    pic-3

Polycrystalline Diamond Bits                                 Polycrystalline Diamond Bits

4.3. Polycrystalline diamond drawing die

Polycrystalline diamond wire drawing die is a die widely used in the wire drawing industry. Compared with other dies, it has higher hardness and wear resistance, can control the accuracy of the wire rod well, and has good finish and high production efficiency. Low cost, it is a very cost-effective mold, which has been successfully used to draw copper, aluminum, nickel and other non-ferrous metals, stainless steel and various alloy wires.


Polycrystalline diamond wire drawing core


Polycrystalline diamond drawing die

4.4. Wear-resistant devices

The research on the physical and mechanical properties of polycrystalline diamond shows that the friction coefficient of diamond composite sheet to steel is similar to that of natural diamond, so polycrystalline diamond composite sheet is widely used in the manufacture of parts with higher requirements for wear resistance to replace cemented carbide and natural diamonds. For example, it has a good effect on the V-shaped groove surface that requires high wear resistance, mold or fixture parts that require high wear resistance or low roughness.