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Annual Demand Outlook For Diamond Wire

May 08,2023

The profitability of diamond wire in the photovoltaic industry chain is at the forefront, with a profit margin level second only to silicon material in 2021, with an average gross profit margin of around 35%. Enterprises that extend upwards to the busbar or upstream can reach over 50%.

Fine line, thin slice and large size are expected to drive an increase in line consumption in the slicing process. In terms of downstream demand, in the context of parity access and the carbon neutrality era, the demand for photovoltaic is increasing, and the expansion of superimposed silicon wafers is accelerating, which is expected to make the demand for diamond lines exceed the growth of the industry.

As the industry pattern tends to stabilize, the price of diamond wire gradually stabilizes, and fine-tuning may bring some potential price increases.
It is estimated that in 2021, 340000 kilometers of diamond wires will be consumed per GW, while in 2022, 500000 kilometers of diamond wires will be consumed per GW.
It is expected that by 2025, the diamond wire market space in the photovoltaic field will reach over 15 billion yuan, with a compound growth rate of over 40% from 2021 to 2025.

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(5) CBN(Cubic Boron Nitride) Micron Powder Abrasive HFD-CM1:

(6) Copper-coated Synthetic Diamond Powder:

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