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Advantages Of Diamond Wire

May 08,2023

Diamond wire was first mainly used in the sapphire field and began to be applied in the photovoltaic field in 2015. Previously, photovoltaic was cut using mortar. When Chinese people developed mortar cutting technology to the extreme, there was no room for “cost reduction”, and diamond wire technology entered the vision of photovoltaic people.

What are the advantages of diamond wire?
1. It can achieve high-speed cutting, which increases the speed by 2-3 times compared to traditional mortar cutting methods and greatly reduces time consumption;
2. The traditional mortar cutting environment is harsh and not environmentally friendly, and a large amount of mortar needs to be recycled and processed, which consumes a lot of manpower and financial costs. However, the diamond wire cutting process does not require mortar, only water or water-based cooling and cleaning fluid is needed. Therefore, diamond wire cutting has the advantage of environmentally friendly production and manufacturing;
3. Silicon material loss is smaller than traditional cutting, and the overall line consumption cost is low;
4. The diamond wire diameter can be adjusted, and different materials use different wire diameters, greatly reducing consumables and cutting accuracy;
5.Space saving, the diamond wire cutting machine occupies a small space area and can save a lot of space.

Our products scope:
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(2) RVD
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(4) CBN
(5) CBN-micron-powder
(6) Coated-diamond

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